Industry Overview

The Landlord Central web-based platforms ( and address a number of critical and current industry needs, making them relevant for professionals across all fields involved in the real estate industry today.

The investor market in Australia continues to grow and with that comes increased responsibility in the industry for real estate professionals to match buyers with the right property.

The growth of the internet and the opportunities it affords means consumers are growing smarter and more savvy while the market is moving into a new era with business operators increasingly utilising web-based solutions for their service offering to cater to the shift in consumer behaviour.

However, in the real estate industry, stiff competition has resulted in an over-emphasis on listings and commission, with many agents unwilling to share information for fear of losing a potential sale. This approach fails not only to serve property investors but makes the industry professional’s job much harder than necessary.

In addition, as a general trend in Australia, legislative changes are increasingly being implemented and monitored to enhance consumer protection. The financial services code of practice within Australia (governed by ASIC) is among the most stringent, and Landlord Central predicts that it is only a matter of time before ASIC introduces regulations to control the way in which investment properties are prepared for point-of-sale.

Landlord Central is ahead of the curve

This is where Landlord Central is ahead of the curve and where its’ offering keeps industry professionals that vital step ahead too.

Generally, property investors consider information about location, property, yields and their investment objectives then calculate varying risks to determine the property best suited to their needs.

The real estate industry, however, often fails to accommodate the needs of both buyers and sellers.

Currently no major brand has taken the initiative or leadership to provide a web-based national investment property service and businesses that are serving investors are only providing a small percentage of the total information and services required.

These current models have:

  • No fair representation for vendors and buyers
  • No real time information exchange
  • Little or no regard in the provision of relevant information and online disclosure to mitigate buyer risks
  • No easy access to quality investment property evaluation tools
  • No ability to evaluate investment properties like-for-like, regardless of type or geographical location
  • No easy solution for investor representatives to assist their clients to evaluate and secure investment properties and receive commissions
  • No creative global distribution solution for investment property sellers
  • No ability to engage franchise and business network databases to expedite matching properties to buyers’ needs, while also keeping advertising costs to a minimum

Landlord Central is uniquely different

It understands that the needs of buyers and investors are different to those of vendors, and provides a system that not only recognises this, but by using the skills and services of independent, governance-compliant specialists to provide its services and providing equal access to all, it also removes any potential conflict of interest and provides greater transparency for the buyer.

No other web-based software system in Australia provides this level of independent third-party disclosure.