Support Service

Support Agreement

Our Support Agreement offers an additional hour of support time, per month, designed to help provide you with any extra tips or to answer any questions you might have. This is available as an extra to your subscription service.

Project + Property Loading

We can manage the loading of your properties, please call or email us for more information.

Business Consultancy

An effective training strategy is imperative to the successful implementation and usability of the investment platform.

Our Business Consultancy service will help to identify any problems you might be having and find solutions so you can increase revenue and cut costs.

Training Objective

Our training objective is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to understand how to best use the web platform to source new listings and effectively match properties to a client’s needs.

Training Module Course material
Working with Investors/Buyers
needs analysis & product matching
  • How the web platform helps your clients
  • Product knowledge and associated property risks
  • Source of leads
  • How to interact with your clients
  • How to identify your clients’ needs
  • Future potential business
Working with vendors
securing new listings
  • How the web platform helps the vendor
  • How to list an investment grade project/property
  • Property listing procedures
  • Developer (vendor) proposals and presentations
  • Information management
  • Managing the sales network
Working with Referral Sources
all industry professionals
  • How to assist referred clients
  • How to refer your clients
Training Strategy

At Landlord Central, we know the training requirements of your business will vary greatly from office to office, taking into account factors such as client demographics, competency/skill level, computer literacy and risks.

Our recommended methodology will address these concerns by customising the training to suit the needs of each individual business, assisting each of your offices to maximise its sales outcomes.

To start with, we have a Skills Assessment module. Fill out the form, return it and Landlord Central will assess your current understanding of the investment property market and your level of competency. Based on the results of this Gap Analysis, a Deployment and Training Schedule will be designed to deliver maximum benefits to all concerned.

This service is provided by http://www.Aoun.Co

Website Customisation

Landlord Central can assist with customising your Property Compass® platform to match your existing website.

This service is provided by Landlord Central.


Website Development

Landlord Central can assist with web development, business systems and online strategy of your Property Compass® platform.

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