Training Modules

Training for Beginners

These training modules are designed for professionals who have NO knowledge of the investment property market.

These modules can be used to learn how to refer and monitor service delivery to your clients.

Once you have completed the modules, you will have gained an overview of the industry and will be able to service your clients and your business better.


  • Basic PC knowledge
  • You have never referred a client to a trusted professional
  • You have never sold an investment property
Training for Professionals

The Training for Professionals modules demonstrate how to use Landlord Central and build on your professional sales and investment property knowledge and create greater success for you and for your clients.


  • Basic PC knowledge
  • You know how to identify a client’s needs
  • Basic understanding of investment properties
  • You have worked with investors in the past and are currently selling one or more properties each year
  • You are motivated
  • You want to succeed by increasing annual sales

These training modules are accessible via your assigned log in